The Honest Project #VegoftheWeek Campaign

I am very excited to share with you details my very first Honest Project campaign. We all know that eating more vegetables is an important part of a healthy diet. This campaign encourages all of us to eat more vegetables by giving them centre stage and the attention they deserve.


Each week, for 8 weeks, I will highlight a different vegetable. They will be everyday vegetables that are readily available. I will share with you weekly blog posts about these vegetables, interesting and tasty recipes and fun ideas and tips to help you eat more of these vegetables.


I want you to be part of this campaing and to get involved. I will be using the hashtag #VegoftheWeek to share my ideas on how best to use these vegetables and I would love for you to do likewise.

How #VegoftheWeek Works

1. Every Monday I will share that week's #VegoftheWeek on my blog and social media accounts with some tips and ideas for preparing that vegetable in interesting and tasty ways.


2. Every Wednesday, I will post a new Honest Project recipe on my blog starring that week's #VegoftheWeek. 


3. I will also do a 'live' cookery demo for each week's recipe on snapchat, so make sure to follow me there. My username is thehonestproj.


4. I want you to share your favourite stories and recipes that feature the #VegoftheWeek on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtags #VegoftheWeek and #TheHonest Project.


5. To keep up to date, follow the Honest Project on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Receive Honest Project emails straight to your inbox by subcribing using the form on the right hand side of your screen.  

I am so excited to start this campaign and I really hope it will help you to discover new ways of enjoying your favourite vegetables. If you would like to share this campaign with friends, I have included social media buttons below. I will be announcing the very first #VegoftheWeek this Monday, so keep an eye out.

Thanks so much,  

Frances x




Blog posts & recipes

January 18, 2019

A few years ago I did a series of blog posts highlighting a different vegetable each week and sharing ideas on how to cook and prepare it in different ways. In ways that we might not be used to. If you follow me on Instagram (I'm @thehonestproject there) you will know that I'm taking some time off to focus on treatment for a reoccurence of cancer. That means my blog posts will be more sporadic - energy and mood dependent. Havi...

June 1, 2017

This week's #VegoftheWeek recipe is for baked sweet potato with refried black beans and a cashew sour cream! The sweet potatoes are baked in their skins in the oven and served alongside a variety of fillings, the most important of which is refried black beans. The beans are cooked with onion, garlic and chilli to add some heat. The cashew sour cream is made from soaked cashew nuts for a vegan option, but regular sour cream wor...

May 23, 2016

Bell peppers are in fact a fruit but are widely regarded as a vegetable. We can buy bell peppers all year round, but Summer is when they are at their very best. Bell peppers are a really common vegetable but sometimes we get stuck in a rut and use them the same way all the time. Peppers have a sweet flavour and a crunchy texture when eaten raw. The most popular peppers are red, green and yellow. They are versatile and very eas...

May 9, 2016

This week's #VegoftheWeek is beetroot. Beetroot is available in Ireland all year long but is at its best from June to October. In Ireland, we grew up with vinegar pickled beetroot from a jar which does nothing to endear us to this wonderful vegetable. Fresh beetroot is sweet and earthy and works great in a variety of ways.


Like many other vegetables, beetroot is prized for its nutritional value. Beetroot greens are rich i...

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