Love it or loathe it, social media is not going away. While some may choose not to engage with it, what is certain is that social media has changed how we communicate forever and for everyone.

Social media provides brands with a means to connect with people and customers. It has remarkable networking potential. A brand's presence on social media can speak volumes about that brand.  A brand can become a considerate participant in social conversations, adding real value while at the same time, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty. Social media is an effective way of networking and connecting with other people.

Social Media Services:

Social audit and consultation: Working with clients to establish a social media presence or best develop their existing social media presence in a strategic direction.

Social strategy development: Identifying audience, objectives and strategies to achieve measurable results.

Social media curation and management: Curating, managing and engaging on client's social media channels and engaging with social media users in real time.

Social listening: Understanding new and emerging trends on social media, looking at what a brand's audience wants and doesn't want and learning what conversations are taking place on social media that are relevant to your brand.

Social campaigns: Advising on bespoke social media campaigns across all digital platforms to achieve measurable results. 

Social advertising: Advising on social media advertising campaigns and budgets.

Social influencers: Understanding the effectiveness of social influencer marketing and how best it can benefit your brand.

Social Policy & Usage Guidelines: Develop a social media policy and usage guidelines for staff.


Personalise your profile


Share content you enjoy and that is meaningful to you

Promote your business sector as a whole and nto just your business

Participate in conversations relating to your industry


Avoid cursing and using the over-use of slang

Avoid bickering on Twitter

Follow experts, competitiors and leaders in your industry


Use a mixture of scheduled and real-time content

Engage with other people.

Keep the social in Social Media and adopt a friendly and open tone.

Avoid automated messages and bots.

Be constructive with any negativity or criticism.

Show a human side to your brand and use humour where appropriate