This is a short and sweet post. I adore flowers. Growing up in Ireland, the closest we got to flowers was making daisy chains in the garden. It was a rare thing to have a bunch of flowers in the house. Flowers didn't feature in supermarket aisles and trips to the florists were reserved for very special occasions. I'm pretty sure most of us are making up for it now. I take every opportunity I can to have flowers in the house.

I'm not a big one for pre-made arrangements and prefer to make my own. Having said that if someone wants to send me a bunch I'll gratefully accept them. A simple bunch of eucalyptus is all that's need to brighten up a room and add life. It's inexpensive and can be picked up in most florists. For something extra, just add some stems of your favourite blooms. I'm visiting a friend tomorrow and thought I would bring her a homemade bouquet. Erica, if you read this before I arrive, you know what to expect!

This bouquet is a simple mix of eucalyptus, roses and a flower that I can't quite remember the name of. It's the green one in the middle. I loved the finished product and as I was struggling to come up with a new blog post for this week, I thought I would share this bouquet instead. Plus, lets not forget that February is approaching and you might like to gift yourself (self-love is the most romantic of all loves), your friends and family or your partner in crime a handmade bouquet.

PS: Homemade bouquets are usually less expensive than the made up ones, plus you can pick and choose your favourite flowers. The flowers for this bouquet cost a little over ten euros.

PPS: I would love to feature any budding florists who would like to showcase their work on the Honest Project so if you can think of anyone, please let me know.

Happy flower arranging xxx

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