The formula for making Overnight Chia Oats is simple. Oats, chia seeds and nut milk form your basic recipe. Mix three quarters of a cup of oats with 2 tablespoons of whole chia seeds. Add one and a half cups of nut milk and mix well. Leave in the fridge overnight. The oats and chia seeds will soften and absorb some of the nut milk. Come breakfast time, spoon the chia oats into bowls and add toppings. Experiment to find your favourite topping combination. For this recipe, I use berries, almond butter, the Homespun Quinoa Crunch and a drizzle of maple syrup. Other optional extras that work well are yogurt, granola, sliced banana, chopped nuts, seeds, honey or apple syrup. You can vary the toppings according to your taste. This formula is a rough guide, but always works well for me.

While the oats, chia and nut milk form the basic recipe, optional extras can be added to it at the start. When making the chia oats, add a tablespoon of natural yogurt along with the milk to make the finished oats extra creamy. Blend frozen berries with the nut milk prior to adding it to the oats and chia. This can work well if you don’t have fresh berries to top the finished oats with. For other flavour helpers, think cinnamon, mint leaves, vanilla extract and even raw cacao for a chocolate fix.

Keep scrolling for my current go-to recipe for Overnight Chia Oats.

Overnight Chia Oats

Makes 2-4 portions


For the chia oats

¾ cup oats

2 tbsp whole chia seeds

1 ½ cups nut milk

For the toppings

Fresh berries


Maple syrup

Almond butter


Add the oats and chia seeds to a jar and mix well. Add the nut milk and use a work to mix well so that the seeds don’t stick together. Place in the fridge. Note: use a medium to large jar to allow the oats and seeds to expand overnight.

For breakfast, spoon the chia oats into bowls and top with a combination of your favourite toppings.