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Continuing on my "what to do with everyday vegetables" theme, today's blog post is on butternut squash. I put out a question on my InstaStories last night asking what vegetable people would like different ideas on how to prep. The insta-question functon is always a little weird for me. Sometimes, I'll get one or two answers and sometimes a lot more. Sometimes, I'll get none. So I was surprisingly happy that this one got a pretty decent response and even happier that butternut squash and broccoli topped the poll. It's no secret that I'm a major squash fan and I also adore broccoli. Although the number of broccoli recipes on the blog does not reflect this level of adoration. Note to self: work on new broccoli recipes.

There are many ways to prepare butternut squash. Roasted, puréed, sautéed, steamed, boiled and even raw. Each time I cook with it, I tell myself to try something different, but as soon as I start prepping it, I automatically go into roast squash default mode and forty minutes later, beautiful caramlesised roast butternut squash appears. Second note to self: prep it a different way next time.

I love that squash is hardy. It will usually last in your kitchen for up to a week. This hardiness also means it can be a little tough to peel and chop. On this front, I recommend a good chopping board and a sharp heavy knife. If you can't face peeling it, just chop it up with the skin on. The skin is edible and while it will take a little longer to cook, it will taste good. Pre-peeled and pre-cut squash can be bought frozen or fresh and there is nothing wrong with going down this route if that's what suits you best.

While I work on coming up with a new recipe that doesn't involve roasting the squash, here are some of my favourite Honest Project squash recipes from the blog. Just scroll on for the dishes and click the images for the recipes.

Butternut Sqaush Pilaf with Yogurt and Pomegranate.

This couldn't be easier to make. There are two parts to the recipe. The first part calls for roasting squash and chickpeas in the oven. The second involves cooking onion, garlic, spices and rice in stock. Once both are done, mix them together and serve with plenty of greek yogurt, pomegranate seeds and fresh herbs. C'est tout!

Goat's Cheese, Butternut Squash and Pomegramante Salad

Salads should not be the reserve of summer. Winter vegetables can make for great additions to leafy greens, especially when teamed with cheeses like feta, goat's and blue. I'm an all-year-round salad fan and if you are too, this is a good option for this time of year. Butternut squash and goat's cheese go well together and a creamy goat's cheese works best.

Coconut Rice with Butternut Squash and Green Chilli.

This is one of those one-pot dinners that packs flavour and is easy to make. This recipe has five main ingredients - rice, butternut squash, coconut milk, chilli and lime - and a few extras that are in most kitchens. And everything can be bought in the local supermarket. Now click on the image and coconut rice with squash can be all yours.

Curry Butternut Squash & Chickpea Soup

Basic ingredients required, most of which are pretty standard in most kitchens. For maximum smugness, make an extra batch for the freezer. There's bound to be a day when it's chilly and you have the sniffles and homemade soup is required. And if you want to save yourself some time, this is the perfet recipe in which to use frozen butternut squash instead of fresh. Click the image for the recipe.

Maple & Thyme Roasted Pumkin* with Feta Cheese

*swapping in butternut squash for the pumpkin means I can include this recipe in today's post and the end result is pretty similar.

For the original recipe I used a Crown Prince Pumpkin which you may be able to get your hands on still, but this dish is equally tasty when made with butternut squash instead. Roast the squash in a combination of maple syrup and oil. This makes for an incredibly sweet finish and therefore plenty of feta cheese is needed to cut through the sweetness. Again, click the image for the recipe.

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