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If you think all candles are made equal, think again. Up until recently I was vaguely aware that the type of wax used in our candles matters. Then I took on the challenge of cleaning up what's in my home and trying to choose more natural alternatives to some of the everyday things we surround ourselves with. I started with throwing out my conventional cleaning products in favour of DIY homemade cleaners and now I've moved on to my candles. Isn't it even crazy to say that scented candles are now an everyday thing in most homes. But, I'm more than O.K. with that. They are a great gift to give and to receive. And who doesn't love sitting down to a clean house, getting your PJs on and lighting your favourite candle.

As it turns out, paraffin wax is used in many candles because it looks well, it's easy to work with and is inexpensive. But paraffin is actually a petroleum derivative. Natural waxes such as beeswax and soy wax offer cleaner alternatives. And it doesn't just stop at wax. How are candles are scented is equally important, as are the wicks used with more and more people choosing wooden or lead-free cotton wicks. It's no surprise that there are some great Irish candle makers already making beautifully deigned and scented candles that are kind to both ourselves and our environment.

Keep scrolling for six Irish made candles made with natural ingredients that caught my eye.

Clean Slate

Clean Slate candles are not only nice to look at, as they are made with 100% soy wax they are also nice to us and our environment. As well as making candles, Clean Slate make cold pressed soaps using natural oils and additives such as poppy seeds and activated charcoal, and only pure essential oils. The candles are presented in apothocary style jars, making them a beautiful addition to any home. Plus their Instagram feed is beautifully curated (yes, I love that word).


One of my friends is a big fan of Candella and the scent from their candles is incredible, but not in any way over-powering. I had to find out more for myself and it's no surprise that the founder of Candella completed a perfumery course at London College of Fashion. The candles are hand made in Kildare using up-cycled wine bottles, soy wax, wooden wicks, lead free cotton wicks and skin safe fragrances and essential oils.

The Handmade Soap Company

The Handmade Soup Company's products are 99.7% natural. They are made with coconut derivatives, vegetable emulsifiers and are scented with essential oils. Tick, tick, tick. Even the card used in their packaging is from sustainable sources and printed with vegetable-derived ink. I'm a big fan of their soaps, so I will definitely be trying their candles. The Sweet Orange, Basil and Frankincense one sounds divine. PS: their website is a pleasure to browse through.

The Bearded Candle Makers

I haven't tried these candles yet but one look at their story on the website and they are on my 'to-try' list. The scents they create are based on stories and memories. I mean, can you imagine how good the "A Real Turf Fire Soy Candle" and the "Wild Achill Island Soy Candle smell?! The soy wax used comes from sustainable soy farms in America with their suppliers being family run farms with sustainable at their core. Plus, there's a picture of the founder and his dog on the website. Enough said!

Max Benjamin

Perhaps the most well known of all the Irish candles is Max Benjamin. Based in County Wicklow, the wax used in the candles is from 100% natural resources and contains no paraffin. The wax is free from pesticides and genetically modified material. They also use lead free cotton wicks. They are widely available and pretty reasonably priced so you should have no problem getting your hands on one. My favourite is the Lemongrass and Ginger one, perfect for the kitchen.

Celtic Candles

Celtic candles are made with 100% organic plant wax and come in so many different scents, you will be hard pressed to choose. They also come in lots of different variations, such as kilner jars (great to use again), pop jars and wax melts.

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I've included the websites of all of these candle makers where you will find more details of stockists.

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