Updated: May 21, 2019

If mornings are super busy in your house, I’m thinking you’re going to be a big fan of any breakfasts that can be prepped in advance, especially when they are packed full of nutritious ingredients. Step forward ‘Make Ahead Breakfast Smoothies’.

Just prep the smoothie ingredients (save for the liquid) at the start of the week, split them into individual freezer bags or containers and freeze them. In the morning, just grab a bag from the freezer, empty the contents into your blender, add your liquid of choice and blend. They take about ten minutes to prep in advance and with no washing and peeling vegetables each morning, they aren’t just nutritious, they’re also super efficient.

When it comes to what ingredients to put in your smoothie, I’m a big fan of green vegetable smoothies. It’s no surprise then that the main ingredient in my ‘everyday’ smoothie is a leafy green of some sort. I add a little fruit for sweetness and some protein or healthy fat usually from seeds or nut butters.

My tip is to make five in one go for weekday mornings, as we all know weekends are for something a little sweeter.

‘Make Ahead Breakfast Smoothies’ Step-by-Step

1. Buy medium sized freezer bags or containers.

2. Choose your smoothie ingredients.

3. Wash your fruit and veg, peel it if needs be and chop it.

4. Add in your optional extras, such as nut butters, seeds, matcha or any herbs and spices. This week I added turmeric and hemp seeds to mine.

5. Split into individual bags or containers. If you are making smoothies for more than one person each morning, put enough ingredients into the smoothie bag to cover everyone.

6. Seal the freezer bags and place them in the freezer.

7. Each morning, grab a bag from the freezer, while still sealed, drop it into your sink to break the ingredients up a little, empty the bag into your blender and add your liquid of choice. Blend into a beautifully creamy smoothie and enjoy.

(P.S. to avoid kitchen mishaps, make sure your blender is powerful enough for frozen food first)

Keep scrolling for some Honest Project smoothie recipes.

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