It took me ages to write this post, my first of 2017. A new year, new beginnings, a fresh start; what to write? It's so tempting to start the new year with healthy eating blog posts and recipes for green smoothies. Instead I thought I would write about one of my New Year's resolutions; I promise not to bore you with the other twenty.

New year or not, it's always important to evaluate what's important to us in life and to set goals. One of my resolutions this year is to take a new approach to cooking. I'm not talking about changing the type of food I cook; that'll still be all about the vegetables. Rather it's how I cook. When I started the blog back in Spring 2015 it was because I loved food and found the act of preparing food therapeutic. As the blog developed, I set myself an objective to post at least two new recipes a week. This meant that I had a schedule to stick to and increasingly time spent in the kitchen seemed more like work rather than pleasure and I began to enjoy it less and less.

To rediscover my love of cooking, I'm going to throw my blog schedule out the window and return to cooking for the love of cooking. I want to experiment with new ingredients, spend time trying out new cooking techniques and cook without a plan. I'll still post new recipes to the blog, there will just be less of them. The ones I do post will be better, as I will be more selective with what I share and they will be created from a place of enjoyment and from a love of food rather than due to the pressure of a publishing deadline.

When I was choosing a name for my blog, I made sure to chose something non-food related; I wanted the freedom to write about whatever I wanted as the blog developed. While 2015 was pretty much all about the food, in 2016 I explored other blog topics. The Honest Project book club was born (which is the perfect encouragement for anyone whose New Year resolution is to read more books), the weekend round-up posts of my favourite links from the web became a firm favourite and I wrote about random things from the importance of Coco and Teddy in my life to concepts such as mindfulness and hygge. (P.S. the Coco and Teddy post was by far the most popular post last year).

As I’ll be posting less recipes to the blog, this will allow me to cover more of these types of topics in my blog posts. This is exciting as I feel I have carte blanche to write about anything I want. It's also challenging as it's difficult to come up with different topics every week and write about them in a way that will be of interest to readers. We'll have to watch this space to see how this turns out.

Thank you so much for reading The Honest Project and for cooking the recipes at home. I really do love writing this blog and meeting people through it. I am also so grateful for the wonderful opportunities this online presence has given me offline. Thank You.

Wishing you health and happiness for 2017.

Frances xx

PS: Here are some of my favourite Honest Project images from last year :)

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