Updated: May 21, 2019

I'm always in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes, sometimes successfully and other times not so successfully. Of course my unsuccessful attempts don't make it to the blog and are never talked about again. Thankfully however, lots of times my kitchen experiments, after a few tweaks are pretty much blog worthy and up they go on the website to hopefully be enjoyed by many of you guys at home. Of the recipes that make it onto the blog, there are those that I particularly love and find myself returning to all the time. As I've been away the past few days, all has been quiet in the kitchen so instead of sharing a new recipe with you today, I thought it a prime opportunity to share with you some of my favourite recipes from 2016 and the ones that are made again and again in the Honest Project kitchen.

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P.P.S. I'd love to hear your favourite recipe from the past year, just comment below.

Fennel, Celeriac & Pear Salad with Candied Pecan Nuts.

I adore this seasonal salad which is perfect for this time of year. Celeriac and fennel are combined with red onion, pear and parsley to make a beautifully crunchy salad with subtle earthy, sweet and bitter flavours. Lentils bring protein and the dressing packs heat from the addition of mustard and chilli. Finally the candied pecan nuts are the perfect sweet touch to finish it all off. Enjoy as a light lunch or as a side.

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups

These may look ridiculously naughty, but they are anything but. The chocolate is made from coconut oil, cacao butter, raw cacao and just enough maple syrup to sweeten. The hazelnut caramel filling is made from roasted hazelnuts and dates with a pinch of sea salt. Not to be eaten for breakfast or in vast amounts, but delicious as a treat with a cup of tea.

Banana & Raisin Bread

Bread is one of the those things in life that is just so comforting. I love a slice of bread served warm with either nut butter or some real grass fed butter. It is utterly delicious and in my mind best saved for a tasty mid morning treat with a cup of tea. I always return to this banana and raisin bread which in truth is more cake than bread, but we won't tell anyone that.

Grilled Courgette & Artichoke Lentil Salad

This grilled courgette and artichoke lentil salad is one of my all time favourite salads. It combines peppery rocket as our leafy green, grilled courgette and artichoke, lentils for protein, hemp seeds for some extra protein as well as healthy fats and lime, chilli and coriander to add some zing to this salad. Top with crumbled feta to finish off and enjoy.

Chocolate Orange Mousse with a Ginger Crumb

This is a relatively new Honest Project recipe but one that I have made several times since posting it to the blog earlier this month. It's so easy to make, relatively inexpensive and tastes so good. Chocolate mousse is combined with orange juice to give a beautiful dark chocolate orange flavour and served with a really simply ginger crumb; it makes for an ideal Christmas dessert.

Frozen Raspberry & Cashew Nut Butter Smoothie

This smoothie is perfect for days when I want to take a break from my everyday green smoothie or juice. It takes no time at all to throw together and frozen raspberries work just as well as fresh ones and perform the extra task of making this smoothie cool and refreshing. The cashew nut butter and nut milk make the smoothie extra creamy. Enjoy with scrambled eggs or porridge in the morning for a satisfying and nutritious breakfast.

Oven Roasted Aubergines with Pomegranate

Aubergines are one of my favourite vegetables and my favourite way to cook them is to roast them in the oven. I love the simplicity of this recipe. The aubergines are roasted in the oven smothered in a smoked paprika and garlic marinade. As the aubergine cooks, the flesh softens and the marinade seeps into the flesh and it becomes infused with the flavours of smoked paprika and garlic. It’s all kinds of deliciousness. This dish is best served with a simple green salad of spinach leaves and rocket.

Banana, Egg & Oat pancakes topped with berries, pomegranate, coconut cream and toasted almonds.

These pancakes solve the age old dilemma of whether to have porridge or eggs for breakfast; with these you get to have both. They are really satisfying, easy to make and take no time at all to cook. Top with your favourite toppings; for me this means berries and pomegranate. Serve with coconut cream or natural yoghurt. The banana and berries provide sweetness, but if you wish for more, a drizzle of maple syrup or honey would not be out of place.

Maple Butter Roasted Nuts

Please don't blame me when you are hopelessly addicted to these maple butter roasted nuts. Make them once and you are destined to make them for the entire Winter. I'm the first to admit that I use the word perfect to describe a lot of different things but in the case of these nuts, I really mean it; they are the perfect winter snack. It must be the time of year, but I am constantly finding myself drawn to scenarios of curling up on the couch in front of the fire with all things comforting and these maple butter roasted nuts would not be out of place in that scenario. I should say that these are a total treat and not something to be consumed at breakfast if you know what I mean.

Raw Mango Granola Bars

I'm a big fan of dried mango and usually I scoff the entire pack before I even get to use them in my cooking. These mango granola bars are so good though; I'm a big fan. They don't go in the oven; instead they go straight into the freezer to set. They make for the perfect homemade sweet treat or office desk snack to put a healthy pep in your step.