Updated: May 29, 2019

Happy Sunday everyone. It's such a beautiful day out and definitely one to wrap up warm and get out in, even just for a little while. I'm meeting a friend for coffee this morning and then I'm home to cook Sunday lunch; it's really a practice run of the dishes I'm going to demo at Savour Kilkenny next weekend.

In other news, it's official: Halloween is the new Christmas, or so it seems. Who else has noticed that costumes, decorations, food, parties, etc. are all becoming more and more elaborate and the build up to the day starts sooner and sooner each year. I follow lots of US based websites and blogs and as Halloween is so big over there, I've been inundated with Halloween themed posts all week; I just had to share some with you in this week's weekly round-up.

If you follow me on snapchat you will have seen me painting pumpkins earlier this week. I loved it. If you fancy doing likewise, check out these ideas for Halloween decoration inspo. PS: you can always cut a hole in the bottom and scoop out the flesh to make soup with before you start.

If painting pumpkins beautiful pastel colours doesn't quite fit the Halloween bill for you, a scary movie is just the thing. I'm having a hard time choosing just one from this list of classic Halloween scary movies all available on Netflix.

In non Halloween related news, if you are a follower of fashion trends you will know that velvet is in and this guide on how to wear Autumn's must wear trend all year long is a must read.

My girl crush on Michelle Obama continues and is it any wonder when you see her choice of dress for her very last state dinner? #dressgoals.

Continuing on the theme of amazing dresses, Dianna Aragon (yes the girl from Glee) got married and her wedding dress is so swoon worthy #moredressgoals.

I am back going to my weekly yoga class and also trying to get back practicising it everyday at home, even for just twenty minutes. Youtube is full of great yoga practices to do at home, but I'm loving this really simply twenty minute sequence at the moment.

And finally, does this dilemma sound familiar to you... you make lots of social plans with friends because you have a hard time saying no. Then when the time comes, you just want to curl up on the couch and have an evening in, but how do you cancel plans without feeling guilty? If this sounds familiar you are not alone and you need to read this article on how to say no to social plans without feeling guilty.

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