Five Honest Project oat recipes to celebrate #WorldPorridgeDay

Updated: May 29, 2019

It’s World Porridge Day today and usually these types of world food days pass by unmarked here at the Honest Project. Who else feels that there is a world/national [insert food] day/week every second day? However, I love all things oats and especially porridge and so I couldn’t let World Porridge Day pass without celebrating it.

Oats re inexpensive, readily available, nutritious and can easily be incorporated into our diets in a way that improves our eating for the better. They are high in slow release carbs, full of fibre and low in fat. Porridge is one of my favourite breakfasts, especially so in Winter time. However, the beauty of oast is their versatility; there is so much that we can do with oats besides porridge and the Honest Project is full of oatty recipes for you to try. These are just some of my favourites.

1. ‘Breakfast in a Glass’ Smoothie

Oats aren’t just for porridge; they work really well in smoothies. If I’m having a smoothie only breakfast the smoothie needs to be super filling and that’s where adding ingredients like oats and nut butters is a really good idea. This 'Breakfast in a Glass' smoothie is designed to keep you going from breakfast to lunch.

2. No Bake Breakfast Granola Balls

These no bake breakfast granola balls are one of my favourite recipes ever. They are so easy and so filling considering the size of them. I think these are a great alternative to having a croissant or scone with morning coffee.

3. Hazelnut & Banana Overnight Oats

These hazelnut and banana overnight oats are a great breakfast option and if you love Nutella, you will love this breakfast. These can be prepared in batches at the start of the week to save you precious time in the mornings.

4. Baked Banana & Almond Butter Oatmeal

This baked banana and almond butter oatmeal takes about ten minutes to prep and 40 minutes in the oven and can be made the night before or in batches if you are time pressed in the morning. Serve with coconut yoghurt or natural yoghurt, fresh berries and an essential squeeze of lemon juice. Added bonus… your kitchen will smell divine.

5. Oat and Date Flapjacks

If you prefer a treat snack that’s more chewy and sweet, these oat and date flapjacks fit the bill perfectly. These definitely fall into the category of a treat as opposed to an everyday breakfast staple; they taste so good.


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