Mini Blackberry & Cashew Custard Tarts

It’s dessert time here again at the Honest Project. Is it just me or does it seem to be dessert time a little more often than one would expect?! I honestly don’t eat all of these desserts that I make on my own, promise. I usually have more than a few volunteers to help me out and today’s recipe – for mini blackberry and cashew custard tarts – got a major seal of approval from my team of volunteer tasters.

It’s blackberry season and while summer may be drawing to a close, we can still enjoy summer berry tarts right into September. If there is anything more Irish than picking blackberries from the bushes I don’t know what is. The tart case is made from nuts and dates and the cashew custard is – no surprises for guessing – made from soaked cashew nuts. Enjoy x

Makes 8


For the crust:

1 cup almonds

½ cup walnuts

1 cup dates, pitted*

1 tbsp coconut oil

For the cashew custard filling:

½ cup raw cashew nuts

¼ cup unsweetened almond milk

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract

Pinch sea salt

To serve:

8 Blackberries

A few sprigs of fresh mint leaves

* If using medjool dates, there is no need to soak them first. If using dried dates, soak the dates in hot water for 30 minutes and drain before use.


To make the crust, put the almonds and walnuts in a food processor and pulse until broken down into chopped nuts. Don’t over process them into ground nuts. Add the dates and coconut oil to the food processor and process into a sticky dough.

Line a muffin tray with 8 muffin liners. Spoon the crust mixture into the muffin liners, evenly dividing the mixture between the 8 liners. Flatten the mixture into the base and the sides of the muffin liners to create a tart case. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to set.

To make the filling, add the custard ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. Spoon into the individual tart cases evenly distributing the custard between the eight tart cases. Return to the freezer for 1 hour to set.

To serve, garnish with blackberries and fresh mint.

Note: These tarts are best served straight from the freezer. Don’t keep these at room temperature as the tart cases will soften and lose their shape.

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