Three Minute Chocolate Cashew Milk

I once heard cashew nuts referred to as the cows of the nut world as they can be used to make beautifully creamy milk. To make a basic cashew milk, all you need to do is to blend one part soaked cashew nuts with four parts water. Unlike almond milk, with cashew milk, we don't need to strain the milk through a muslin cloth to achieve a smooth texture, saving time in the mornings. Cashew milk can be used in smoothies, in porridge, on granola, in baking and to add to savoury dishes such as soups.

This morning, I took my cashew milk a step further and made delicious chocolate cashew milk. I made it in three minutes this morning and then used some of it to make a chocolate spinach smoothie. I'll save the rest for having with granola or porridge for breakfast during the week. The recipe is so simple to make that you would barely even call it a recipe.

This milk is dairy free and this recipes makes 1 litre.


1 cup raw cashew nuts, soaked in water overnight

4 cups water

4 tbsp raw cacao

2 - 6 dates*, destoned

1 tsp vanilla extract

*depending on desired sweetness


Drain and rinse the cashew nutsa nd place in a blender with the four cups of water. Blend until smooth.

Add the remaining ingredients and blend well. Store in the fridge for up to four days.

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