Eight reasons why your dog can be your very best BFF!

Coco and Teddy make regular appearances on the Honest Project social media accounts. They especially love Snapchat where they're giving my food snaps a run for their money in the popularity stakes. As I cook and blog from home, they are either sitting by my side, paws on my laptop or sitting at my feet in the kitchen as I cook. I spend so much time with them, they are well deserving of an entire blog post to themselves. In fact, I had been brainstorming ideas for blog posts to add more variety to the blog, when Teddy and Coco came running into the room, jumped up on the bed and poked their little heads in my face and so the subject of today's blog post was born.

There are so many reasons why our four-pawed friends are very often also our best friends, it's hard to narrow them down, but here are the main ones.

They give the best welcomes

This will be no surprise to other dog owners, but dogs give the best welcome home. Whether you have been away for a week or fifteen minutes, they always run to greet you, tails wagging and their bodies literally shaking with excitement. How could you not look forward to coming home to this type of welcome. In fact I have been known to leave social engagements early, just so I can go home to the dogs!

They always make me smile

Dogs have a way of making you smile and feel better (even if it's just a teeny bit) no matter what is going on. During stressful times or if I am feeling tired or anxious, Coco and Teddy always make me smile and very often make me burst out laughing.

They are my very own personal exercise coaches

Dogs need regular exercise, so whether you want to or not, you have no choice but to get outside walking. After getting used to walking dogs, walking on your own just seems so boring. My walks with Teddy and Coco are my favourite part of the day, even more so than cooking (and you know how much I love cooking).

They have their priorities right

The most important things to dogs are spending time with their humans, eating, walking, going on adventures, playing and regular napping. They don't care about things such as how expensive their dog collars are, or what kind of car they go on their adventures in (as long as they can see out the window), or where they live, etc. Of course I know it's not realistic that us humans could live as simple a life, but if we took a leaf from their book perhaps we would be a lot more content more of the time.

They love nap time

Dogs love to nap regularly throughout the day and what’s not to love about day time napping. Having nap buddies just makes napping all the better. You will often find TedCo and I catching 40 winks on the couch in the afternoon and they are just the best naps.

They are great stress busters

It’s well known, that having a dog helps with stress and anxiety levels. When I was sick, getting Coco was one of the best decisions I made. Having someone to laugh at, smile at, bring for walks, be so happy to see you, snuggle up with on the couch does wonders for stress levels.

They are never grouchy in the mornings

In fact, they are the total opposite, dogs are total morning ‘people’. They are so delighted when you wake up. What better way to start your day than by being surrounded by so much positive energy in the morning.

And last but not least.... they are great company

You will never be lonely when you have a dog around. I talk to Teddy and Coco all the time and while I will admit they don’t talk back, they understand so much of what I say. Their favourite phrases are ‘get the lead’, ‘look who’s coming’ and ‘do you want some chicken’ (they tried vegetarianism but it wasn't for them...Lol).

And now for the serious bit.... Owning a dog is a major commitment as they require time and money. It’s important to understand what's involved before getting a dog. They cost money to groom, vets bills, food, etc, not to mention the costs of chewed chargers, skirting boards, you name it. Besides the money, the most important thing to understand before getting a dog is that they require our attention more than anything else in the world. They love being talked to, taken for walks, going on car drives, meeting new people, sitting on your lap, sneaking into bed, playing in the garden. So while I think most people can positively benefit from having a little four-pawed friend in their lives, I would recommend that you fully consider it first, maybe spend time with a friend's or family member's dog and make sure you are ready to give he or she oddles of love and affection.


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