Recipe: Raw Mango Granola Bars

Today's recipe is for raw mango granola bars topped with either dark chocolate or pumpkin seeds. My sister was in India recently and brought home dried mango which was just divine. I hadn't tasted it before and to be honest, I'm kind of raging I did taste it, as I am totally addicted to it now. It's not that it's the worst thing in the world to be eating at all, but as it's dried, it is quite high in natural sugar. Totally worth it for a treat though.

These granola bars do not go in the oven; instead they go straight into the freezer to set. They don't freeze rock hard and instead freeze to a chewy consistency. My preference is to continue to keep them in the freezer after they have set and just grab one each time you want a mouthful of deliciousness. Of course if you prefer a more gooey consistency, keep them in the fridge instead.

If you are looking for a homemade sweet treat or a snack for your office desk, these are the perfect thing to make this weekend, just in time for Monday morning. Have one with your mid-morning coffee to put a healthy pep in your step.

This recipe makes 16 granola bars.


1 cup cashew nuts 1 cup of almonds

1/2 cup of walnuts 1 cup dates, pitted

1 cup of dried mango 1/4 cup pumpkin seeds 1/4 cup water 2 teaspoons vanilla Pinch of sea salt (optional) Either melted dark chocolate or a small handful of pumpkin seeds to decorate (optional)


1. Place the cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds in a food processor and blitz well until broken down into crumbs and the oils of the nuts start to release.

2. Roughly chop the dates and dried mango and add them along with the rest of the ingredients to the food processor. Blitz until well combined.

3. Line a tray or dish with parchment paper and spread out the mixture on top. The mixture will be quite sticky so you may need to wet your hands a little to smooth the mixture out. Make sure the mixture is tightly pressed together. Either drizzle some melted dark chocolate on top or top with pumpkin seeds. Place in the freezer until set. Once set, cut the mixture into granola bars. Keep in the freezer or fridge.

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