Recipe: White Chocolate Mousse with Blueberry, Lemon & Thyme Compote

Hey everyone. I have another dessert for you and just in time for you to buy in the ingredients so you can make it this weekend. One of my favourite recipes on my blog is my white chocolate fruit and nut bar. Check out the recipe here. I just love white chocolate and especially love this recipe as you can alter the amount of maple syrup in it to your desired sweetness; perfect for anyone who doesn't want high sugar ingredients, even natural ingredients, in their desserts. When I first started making this chocolate, I added a quarter of a cup of maple syrup to it, but when I make it now, I usually put add only one or two tablespoons of maple syrup as I find this amount makes them plenty sweet. It's the same with this white chocoalte mousse; the recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of maple syrup. However, if you are very conscious of your intake of sweet ingredients, just put in less maple syrup. Everyone's sweet tooth differs, so suit yourself as to the amount of maple syrup you add. The blueberry compote doesn't have any added sweetener as the sweetness of the blueberries is plenty.

The blueberry, lemon and thyme compote is essential to this recipe as it provides a really nice sour flavour to contrast the mousse. I love fresh herbs and have been adding them to desserts for a good while now. You mighn't usually associate herbs like thyme and rosemary with desserts, but they work really well. For this recipe the thyme sprigs are added to the compote while it's cooking, but are removed before serving so that the flavour is sublty infused into the compote rather than overbearing it.

This dessert is dairy free it is so suitable for vegans. It is also gluten free and refined sugar free. Unlike a lot of traditional desserts, this dessert does not leave a very sweet sugary taste in your mouth and doesn't leave you feeling overly full (which is always a bonus :)).

This takes about fifteen minutes to make maximum, so it's really great for a last minute dessert or when you are low on prep time. Just a quick note on the ingredients, it is essential that the avocado is ripe for this recipe to work. This recipe makes four portions.


For the mousse:

1 ripe avocado

1 tin of full fat coconut milk

1/2 cup of cacao butter

3 tbsp of cashew nut butter

3 tbsp of maple syrup

2 tsp of vanilla extract

Pinch of sea salt

For the compote:

1 cup of blueberries

Juice of half a lemon

3 sprigs of fresh thyme


1. Melt the cacao butter in a small saucepan over a low heat.

2. Add the melted cacao butter to a food processor or blender along with the other mousse ingredients. Mix or blend until smooth. Spoon or pipe this mousse into serving glasses and place in the fridge to chill.

3. To make the compote place the ingredients in a small saucepan over a low heat. Heat gently while stirring continuously. Use the back of your wooden spoon to break down some of the blueberries. Do this for about five minutes and then remove from the heat and remove the thyme springs and discard them. Allow the compote to cool before pouring it over the white chocolate mousse in the serving glasses.

4. This mousse will last for about 24 hours in the fridge, but is best served as close as possible to the time it's made.

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