Weekend Musings: My New Rules for a Calm and Peaceful Bedroom

My sleep is a little restless these past few weeks, mainly due to the fact that I have reacquainted myself with Netflix after a summer of pretty much no TV. I started watching a programme called The Killing and am quite addicted now meaning that some nights I have kept watching it into the early hours of the following day. All this makes for a bad night's sleep and low energy levels the next day. So in any effort to get my sleep back on track, I have set myself some new rules for a calm and peaceful bedroom and thought I would share them with you for this week's 'Weekend Musings' post.

1. Make the bedroom a technology free zone

This isn't really a secret and I think most people know that technology in the bedroom interferes with sleep and other important bedroom activities..!! Removing all technology from the bedroom is easier said than done. In the age of laptops, smart phones, tablets, televisions, blackberries and constant online availability, it takes a pretty determined effort to leave all links to the online world on the other side of the bedroom door.

I think a good place to start is by buying an old fashioned battery operated alarm clock. I go through phases of using this instead of the alarm on my phone and at least that way the necessity to have my phone on my nightstand is removed. Instead I can leave my phone downstairs or even just on the other side of my bedroom out of arm's reach.

I have to say since I started blogging, it's so so hard to stick to this technology free rule. There is hugh temptation to lie in bed scrolling through instagram and replying to comments etc. So at times, I find myself giving in and it is these very nights that I have broken restless sleep.

2. Declutter, declutter, declutter

I am not a fan of complete minimalism and but I cannot handle a messy and cluttered room. I always start out with good intentions and try to keep my skincare and make up products in the bathroom and most of my clothes and shoes are in my spare room. Admin things such as letters, bank statements, receipts I also keep in the spare room. But it's keeping my bedroom clutter free that is the problem. Once I finish this blog post, I am heading straight up to practice what I preach and remove all the clutter from my room. I find clutter distracting and a little stressful so at least in the spare room, I don't have the look at the clutter right when I am trying to get to sleep.

3. Bed dressing

I love hopping into a newly made bed. I pretty much change my bed clothes once a week. I always love when my bed clothes have been dried outside in the fresh air as they are smell so divine and just feel so fresh and clean. I keep a light throw on the end of my bed for drafts or for when I just want to lie on my bed to read and want a light cover. Some of my best sleeps are in a newly made up bed.

4. Carefully considered night stand

My ideal nightstand should hold a lamp, a glass of water, my current book, a notepad and pen and that's pretty much it. Having clutter on my bedside table just means more things to look at and distract me before going to sleep. The notepad and pen are for thoughts that spring to mind immediately upon waking. I usually jot them down and find that very often these are some of best ideas.

5. Airiness

Cracking open a window or leaving my door open works wonders when it comes to a restful sleep. Obviously if you live in a noisy area or security is an issue leaving a window open may not be practical or possible. If this is the case, try to avoid a stuffy bedroom by leaving the door open or opening the window for an hour before heading to bed and then closing it again while before going to sleep.

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