The Honest Project does Meal Planning

I was at a wedding at the weekend and have another this Friday coming. Such great fun but I do find when I am out of my routine I definitely need to focus a little more on making sure I have plenty of healthy food to eat. When I am at events like weddings, I don't stress too much about sticking military style to my usual diet. I become more vegetarian than vegan!! But when I get home, I am always glad to get back to preparing my own food. First thing this morning, I sat down and did a meal plan for the the next three days and thought I would share it with you.

Tuesday - Meal Plan

Breakfast: Tropical Green Smoothie.

Lunch: Super green juice with fennel seed crackers, lemon and coriander hummus and cherry tomatoes.

Dinner: Pasta arrabiata made with brown rice pasta instead of courgetti.

Wednesday - Meal Plan

Breakfast: Beetroot, mandarin, apple and ginger smoothie and overnight strawberry oat and chia seed pudding.

Lunch: Super green juice and butternut squash and quinoa salad

DInner: Chickpea and spinach curry

Thursday - Meal Plan

Breakfast: Banana, almond and cinnamon smoothie with rye bread and smashed avocado

Lunch: Super green juice and leftover chickpea and spinach curry

Dinner: Vegetable pad thai with a creamy tamari and cashew sauce

and strawberries and coconut cream

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