Inspirational Raw Food Supper by Doris Choi & Domini Kemp, Alchemy Juice Co, Dublin

Doris Choi is a New York based raw food chef and author of best selling raw food cook book - The Fresh Energy Cookbook. Domini Kemp is a well known Irish chef and founder of Alchemy Juice Company, a juice and healthy eating outlet located in BT2 on Grafton Street. Last night, the two teamed up to bring a raw food supper to Dublin.

First the negative. This was a one night only event so unfortunately we will have to cross our fingers and hope that there is a repeat. Now for the positive and there is alot of positive. It is clear that Doris Choi is passionate about raw food and healthy eating. It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to experience her food on our own doorstep in Dublin and credit to Domini Kemp and Alchemy for providing the opportunity.

We enjoyed four courses of raw and vegan food prepared by Doris and Domini. Each course was delicious and exciting. After eating four courses, most people would feel rather full and perhaps only fit for bed. Not the case last night. The food was so light and fresh and yet still packed full of flavour. However, as it didn't contain any refined carbs, refined sugars and dairy, all the things that usually cause us to feel a little bloated and sluggish after eating, we left the dining table feeling energised and, without a doubt, inspired.

The unfortunate truth for any budding raw foodies or health foodies out there is that eating out in Ireland is not always the most appetising option. While juice bars and take out options have improved from a health food perspective, rarely do I get excited about the thoughts of going for a nice sit down lunch or dinner. Very often options are limited or non-existant and I end up paying alot of money to eat something that I would rather not and something that leaves me overfull and sluggish rather than satisfied and energised. I find it so much more exciting and fun to cook and eat at home as opposed to going out for a meal. That is why events like last night's raw food supper are so appealing to me. Being served food that you know contains only the kind of food I love to eat and is cooked in such a way as to preserve the goodness of the ingredients while not compromising on taste is such a pleasure.

I am hosting my very first official Honest Project Supper on Saturday night and last night's supper has not only inspired me but has also given me confidence in my own cooking and dishes. From the reactions of my fellow diners last night, it is clear that this type of food and cooking has a place in Irish society and is becoming more and more popular.

Congratulations to all involved on a wonderful evening....fingers crossed for a repeat event in the not too distant future.


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