Beauty: Organic and Natural Make-up Vibes

Make up and skincare products containing natural and organic ingredients are pretty much a must for me. Occasionally getting my make up done professionally or using conventional make up is not such a big deal. However, for my every day make up, I have decided to go natural, both in terms of ingredients and appearance.

A couple of months ago, a reader asked me about my make up routine and whether I use natural make up. At that time, I was half way between conventional make up and natural make up. I had tried a few natural organic brands, but wasn't blown away by them. As I wasn't entirely happy with these brands, I didn't feel comfortable recommending them. I decided to continue the hunt for a natural, organic make up brand that was also easy to use and looked really good.

I trawlled the internet for recommendations, and read a number of reviews for two brands, Vapour and RMS Beauty, not least of which was from the wonderful Deliciously Ella. I couldn't find an Irish stockist for these products so online I went and ordered them for the UK. At first, I went for foundation from Vapour and a blusher/lip tint, highlighter and mascara from RMS Beauty. I was so delighted with those products, I recently purchased some eyeshadows from RMS Beauty too.

These products are priced pretty much the same as the luxury beauty brands, so they are not cheap. However, in turning to natural make up, I have totally streamlined my make up case into a small number of products and so I figure that I am saving money in the long term by not buying lots of different products. However, more important than this money saving, is the ingredients used to make these products. Both brands use organic and natural ingredients and so by using them, I am avoiding putting lots of chemicals on my skin.

The RMS Beauty products are so good, just as good as any of the luxury brands I have tried over the years. The products really do leave your looking radiant and glowing and there is none of that dry / caked look that you often get with make up. The luminizer is just divine and reminds me of a similar Tom Ford one I used to use. It leaves your skin looking sheer and glowing. You can use it on your eyelids, your cheeks and brow bones and even your lips, wherever you want that sheer glow look. The lip2cheek products comes in different colours and as the name suggests can be used as a blush or a lip tint. It blends so well that you avoid that obvious blush look that can sometimes look quite dry. I went for the defining formula mascara which works to separate your eyelashes and provide definition to each one. The eye polish is really good too. Again it comes in a number of different colours. I went for the lunar and myth which are a champagne colour and mink colour respectively. They are quite sheer too so you don't get that matt look. Of course if you like the matt look, this mightn't work for you, but I always prefer a more sheer look. You can also use these as a lip shimmer.

For foundation, I went with Vapour atmosphere soft focus foundation. Again, this foundation leaves a radiant natural look and blends into my skin really well. For anyone who likes alot of coverage, this probably isn't the foundation for you. But if you are into a more sheer and light weight foundation I would definitely recommend it. I love it as it makes your skin tone look really even and glowy without it looking very obvious that you are wearing make up.

I haven't thrown out my YSL and Benefit just yet as occasionally I am still prone to a smokey eye or red lip. But these products are my new daily make up staples and I am finally delighted to be able to recommend two organic and natural brands that really do look great on.

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