Review: Eathos, Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4

Two new healthy eating options have recently opened on Baggot Street Upper and this morning I found myself in the super position of having a choice between two eateries for breakfast that are within a few doors of each other and both of which looked equally good. Coco Kitchen and Eathos are located just a few doors apart and close to Donnybrook Fair on Baggot Street Upper. This morning, I went with Eathos and fingers crossed I will get to try Coco Kitchen in the next little while.

Eathos is a really modern, fresh and airy space. White walls, a white counter, white tables and white chairs together with an all glass front makes the space feel very bright and open. It is also spotlessly clean. There is a small conservatory / terrace area out the back which makes a nice addition and would be a good option for a sunny day. Seating wise, there is plenty of seating for an eatery of this size. I get the impression that a sizeable amount of its business is take away.

The breakfast menu has plenty to chose from with a good selection of egg dishes, buckwheat pancakes, quinoa granola, organic oats, and a selection of pastries. No full Irish here!! I went for the buckwheat pancakes which are served with coconut yogurt, berries, toasted pecans, cacao nibs and maple syrup. Somewhat of a treat breakfast for a Monday morning. It was a really good sized portion and the pancakes where tasty and fluffy and the coconut yogart delicious. The toasted pecans were so yummy and a great addition. My one minor gripe is that I could have done with a lot more berries and then the dish would have been just about perfect. The man next to me got baked eggs, spinach, avocado and toasted sourdough which looked really good and he cleaned his plate. The breakfast options range in price from €3.50 to €10.50 which is pretty good value considering the size of the portions and the quality of ingredients.

The coffee is 3fe coffee, which is just so so good and definitely I think the availability of this coffee alone is a major draw. Unlimited sparkling or still filtered water is available for €2.

As for lunch, wIth the menu including salads such as cauliflower, mango, curried chick pea and spinach, charred broccoli salad with chilli and garlic and roasted red and golden beetroot with maple syrup and red chard, there are some really interesting options available for those wanting something plant based for lunch. For any meat eaters, there are plenty of meat options too with beef, turkey, salmon, chicken and tuna options. At €16.50 for a protein with three salads and €14.50 for a protein with two salads, lunch is a little on the pricy side especially for a take out lunch. However, it seems Eathos isn't your standard take away lunch joint.

For anyone with a sweet tooth there is a patisserie section which looks pretty impressive but as for the taste, you will have to try them out for yourselves.

The staff were really friendly and attentive and it was clear that they were really interested and knowledgeable about the food being served. Eathos is open from 7am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Eathos, 13a, Baggot Street Upper, Dublin 4


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