Recipe: 'Drink me up' Chocolate Shake

I previously posted a recipe for an indulgent chocolate smoothie and got a super reaction. That recipe contains a decent amount of kale which is great as I am always trying to increase my kale intake. But sometimes, when a serious chocolate craving hits, all that will do is sweetness and chocolate. I have to say yesterday was one of those days and all afternoon all I could think of was chocolate. At times like this, this 'Drink me up' Chocolate Shake is perfect to satisfy even the craziest of chocolate cravings. This is great as it is made with all natural wholefood ingredients. It is rich, sweet, chocolatey and creamy, but with none of the processed ingredients that you would usually associate with a chocolate milkshake. Even better, it contains raw cacao which contains lots and lots of anti oxidants. For anyone trying to cut back on their intake of sugars, even naturally occuring sugars, just to note this smoothie does contain dates and bananas so probably isn't for everyday and you might want to restrict it to maybe once a week or so. This recipe serves two medium sized servings.


1 Banana

2 tablespoons of raw cacao*

5 pitted medjool dates

2 cups of almond milk (unsweetened)

1 cup of ice

Raw cacao nibs to serve


Blend all the ingredients together and pour into two glasses to serve. Sprinkle raw cacao nibs on top to finish.

*If you want it super chocolatey you can add a little more raw cacao.

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