Time to Relax: Saturday afternoon baths

Happy Saturday everyone. I have been having a really chilled out day but just wanted to write a quick post about my very relaxing Saturday afternoon. I am all about making time for relaxation and unwinding and that's the inspiration for today's post. I usually think of baths as a night time treat. Having a long soak in the tub before bedtime helps me to unwind and sets me up for a fabulously deep night's sleep. My bathroom may not be the fanciest bathroom on the block, but it is definitely a room that I associate with relaxation, alone time and escapism. Today I was feeling particulary tired after a busy week and a late night last night. I am not a big fan of manic Saturdays, spending hours running around shops or frantically catching up on chores. For me, an ideal Satuday is having very little to do. Therefore this afternoon was the perfect time to chill out, run a hot bath and grab some of my favourite magazines for a long soak in the tub.

When I want to relax and switch off, a love a good spa experience. But rather than have to go to the local day spa and fork out cash, why not turn your bathroom into your very own relaxation room right at the top of your stairs.

My essentials for a serene bath time experience

Relaxing Scents: Burn your favourite scented candle of essential oil for a really spa like experience. I usually light it fifteen minutes before I take my bath so the scent has time to develop. At the moment, I am loving fig scented candles and my favourite oils are frankincense and lavender. Frankincense if very old worldy which I love and lavender is fantastic for calmness and grounding.

Relaxation Music: Music is a really powerful tool for helping me to relax and disconnet from outside stresses. Play some relaxing music on a low volume so that it doesn't become too intrusive. Ideally it should be background and not distracting. I sometimes use CDs (a little old fashioned for some:)) and I also have a relaxation bathtime playlist on Spotify.

Bath time reading: For some, reading in the bath might not be their thing, but I love it. Grab your favourite magazines or a book and while away an hour catching up on your reading in a beautiful hot bath with your favourite bath salts.

Relaxing lighting: Creat atmospheric and relaxing lighting by switching on only the mirror light at night time and by pulling the blind during daylight hours.

Hot water and salts: Make sure you have lots and lots of hot water and your favourite relaxing bath salts. For us Irish that means turning on the immersion in advance. You definitely don't want to run out of hot water half way through your relaxing bath leaving you a shivering prune.

Fresh towels: Use fresh towels that have been dried outside in the fresh air rather than in a tumble drier. You can smell the freshness. Heat the towels on a radiator while you are in the bath so that they are toasty warm when it comes to drying off time.

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