Mindful in May - Meditation Challenge

I registered to do the Mindful in May meditation challenge this year for the first time. This is such a cool and worthwhile initative. Mindful in May was founded by Elise Bialylew who is a doctor, coach and wellness innovator. The idea is to encourage more people to meditate on a daily basis and be more mindful of the present in our every day lives. The idea is that you practice mindfulness and meditation each day for the month of May. You receive an email each day with a link to that day's meditation. It couldn't be easier and takes only ten minutes each day. Just visit the Mindful in May website www.mindfulinmay.org for more information and to register. Registration is open until the 10 May - you just start the challenge whatever day you sign up. Oh and I nearly forgot to mention that all monies raised to towards funding clean water initiatives in developing countries, such a worthwhile cause.

Mindfulness is a great way of paying attention in day to day life that supports us to be more present to our inner and outer experience. I first got into mindfulness when I started doing yoga. Just spending time concentrating on my breathing helped me to start being more present in everyday situations. I always use the example of taking a shower. I so often find my mind racing when I am in the shower, thinking about what I am going to have for breakfast, what chores I have to do that day, what emails I need to send, what grocery shopping I need to do - basically I think of everything else but what I am actually doing at that moment. I now try to consciously keep my mind in the present, noticing the hot water hitting my body and enjoying that ten minutes of relaxation. I try to apply this mindful practice to most situations and definitely find myself more relaxed and laid back. Not only that when I do have chores to do and work to get done, I find I am far more efficient when I feel relaxed and calm.

I have previously written about my Mediation Experience and how important it is to me. Yet lately I have been resisting doing my mediation practice and its so frustrating as I know I will feel much better if I get back to my daily practice. Mindful in May couldn't have come at a better time for me. My friend, Alannah and I have set up a little support group where we encourage each other and check in with each other once we have completed our daily practice. I find this so helpful as I think I am one of thoes personalities that requires me to be accountable to others when I take on a challenge. If you want to sign up for Mindful in May, you are more than welcome to join our little mindfulness support group, just drop me an email at info@thehonestproject.com.

Now, I am off to do today's practice and really looking forward to it. XX


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