Review: Green Beards Juicery, Dublin

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Green Beards is the real deal when it comes to juicing. Everything about Green Beards, from the way in which the juice is made (cold pressed), to the ratio of vegetables to fruit (heavy on the vegetables, light on the friut), to the ingredients used (organic where possible), to the way in which the juices are packaged (in airtight glass bottles) puts Green Beards at the top of its class.

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The juice menu is really good with a hardcore green juice option. For those wanting something a little sweeter and less green, there are very tasty carrot and beetroot options. The 'Beets by Ray' juice is pretty awesome. Smoothie wise, forget the standard berry and yogurt smoothie, the Green Beards smoothies bring smoothies to a new level. The standout smoothie for me is the 'Heaven on Earth' which has to be tasted to be believed. Made from almond milk, frozen banana, almonds, dates, raw cacao, agave nectar, oats and dates, it is so creamy and indulgent.

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Wheatgrass shots are juiced to order and in front of customers. Customers are offered the option of a little ginger in the shot to take the edge off the taste. The menu also offers a 'Rollercoaster' shot and a 'Fireball' shot . The 'Rollercoaster' is a shot of pineapple, lemon and ginger juice and the 'Fireball' (aptly named) is a shot of lemon, orange and ginger juice with cayenne pepper - not for the fainthearted, but really good to get you going.

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Green Beards also sells bags of freshly cut wheatgrass perfect for juicing at home and great for when I am low on my own homegrown supply. You can also pick up seeds, nuts, coconut oil and other healthy bits and bobs while popping in for your juice.

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There is a small seating area in the shop reflecting the fact that most of their customers are just popping in to grab a juice on their way to or from work or when out and about shopping. A special mention for the staff. Every single time I stop by, the staff are so friendly and very forthcoming with knowledgeable advice about juicing and their products. They make Green Beards a pleasure to visit.

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When I first started juicing, it was hard to get a decent juice in Dublin. Too often the hardcore green juice listed on menus is loaded with apple juice making it far too sweet or the juices are made using a juicing method that destroys vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Thankfully Green Beards' arrival on the Dublin juice scene changed juicing for the better and where Green Beards have led, other juiceries are beginning to follow. If Green Beards is the standard for juiceries in Dublin, I think all us juicing fans can be pretty thankful.

Green Beards is located on Dunville Avenue, metres from Beachwood Luas stop and a short stroll from Ranelagh.

Green Beards Juicery, 23 Dunville Avenue, Dublin 6

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