Review: Sister Sadie, Dublin

I recently spent a weekend in Dublin and stayed with a very good friend who lives in Portobello. So I was spoiled for choice with nearby breakfast and brunch options. On my first morning I went to Sister Sadie's, which is located on Harrington Street, just at the corner with Camden Street. Sister Sadie is a sister restaurant to the much loved Brother Hubbard Cafe on Capel Street in Dublin.

The space itself is bright, fresh, clean and spacious. In the morning time, the sun shines just over the roofs of the Georgian buildings across the street and into the main dining area making it feel warm and inviting. This orientation also makes the large outdoor seating area, the perfect place to catch some rays.

The brunch menu is an updated and modern take on brunch. Less focus on the old brunch reliables such as eggs benedict, more focus on healthier and imaginative brunch fare with a middle eastern / North African flavour. Think Turkish eggs menemen with Morocccan minty iced tea to drink.

I went for Sister Sadie's baked beans on sourdough toast. The dish is listed on the menu as coming with a fried egg on top and some feta cheese, but I opted to go without both. The tomato sauce was full of flavour and provided enough moisture to accompany the beans. For sure, when I cook my own baked beans I probably go a little heavier on the sauce but this is more a personal choice. I always ask restaurants whether they make their baked beans with sugar as you would be surprised at how many do. Even when the baked beans are listed as a healthy option on the menu, always ask the question. Thankfully Sister Sadie's version of baked beans are sugar free - a big bonus point. I don’t usually eat sourdough bread, but decided to go for one slice with my beans as I was pretty hungry. It came drizzled in really good quality olive oil, the perfect alternative to butter for those who want to cut back on their dairy intake.

Other healthy breakfast options included bircher meusli and organic porridge with 3 different options to flavour - mixed seeds and crystallised ginger being the healthiest option. Sister Sadie also serves some gluten free pastries and cakes.

The lunch menu looks very promising from a healthy eating perspective. For those on a plant based diet, there was a warm salad special with hummus (just hold the feta and eggs) and a vegetarian special of a Moroccan 'zaalous' of roast aubergine, chickpea, roast carrott in a mildly spiced tomato with bulgur wheat and dried fruit. Not bad options for those following a plant based diet.

Sister Sadie is a really nice, relaxing spot with very good food. It's an ideal place to sit by the window and bask in the warm sunshine while watching the crowds go by. The addition of some cold pressed juices to the menu would make it just about perfect.

Sister Sadie, 46 Harrington Street, Dublin 8

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