Content Marketing


You may have heard of the term Content Marketing, but are not too sure what it means.  Content Marketing is a technique of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content with the object of acquiring and attracting a defined audience. The goal of good content marketing is to provide as much value from your content to your target audience as possible in order to engage them and convert them to customers and clients. Types of content includes videos, images, blog posts, webpages, podcasts and info-graphics. 

Good content is content that followers genuinely want to read, watch or listen to.  It's important to use your content to tell a good story and to enhance your brand and its place in your brand's sector.  There is a large volume of content being created every day and it's important that your content stands out from the crowd. The creation of quality content will help your brand find its place and voice among the noise.  

Focus on creating remarkable content that causes followers to stop, take notice and remark.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing strategy: Auditing a brand's current content and helping them develop a content marketing strategy in line with their business objectives. 

Content creation: Designing, writing and distributing great content, including working with creatives to ensure the creation of engaging content.

Content marketing trends: Understanding what trends are worth leveraging off to create content beneficial to your brand.

Content distribution: Advising on how best to distribute content to ensure it is best exposed.

Content calendars: Development of a content calendar to ensure a balanced mix of content is created and distributed by a brand and to ensure that content is created to mark key dates for the brand.

Content budgets: Management of content creation budgets to ensure value for money is achieved, including setting priorities and tailoring your marketing strategy accordingly. 

Blogging and copy writing: Creation of brand blogs and copy.



Focus more on value added content than on self-promotion content.

Brands are becoming publishers in their own right.


More people are accessing content on mobile than on desktop

Visual and video content is essential

Every customer is a micro-influencer 

Paid promotion matters

The Internet is becoming an internet of shared platforms.