A brand's identity is all the elements relating to a brand's product, service, company or person. These elements include a brand's name, logo, tagline, tone of voice, typeface, social media presence, colours and photography style. 


Brand identify should be a consistent message received from a brand every time an individual comes into contact with the brand. 

Brand Identity Services:

Brand identity audit: Working with clients to review their current brand identity and providing advice in relation to its effectiveness.

Brand strategy development: Identifying audience, objectives and strategies to improve a brand's identity.

Competitor review: Review industry competitors' brand identities.

Trend reviews: Review and advise in relation to new trends in brand identities and how to best leverage off these trends. 

Guidelines: Develop brand identity guidelines for use in brand communications, photography, etc.


Stay focused on your own identity and objectives

Comparison is good, but remember to stay in your own lane

Identify a tone of voice appropriate to your brand and consistently use this tone

Invest time and money in a remarkable logo

Identify your brand colours, style and aesthetic