About Me


The Honest Project is a food and lifestyle blog that also doubles as my business site. I started The Honest Project blog in January 2015 as a destination for healthy eating recipes. Since then it has expanded to cover lots of random everyday things such as book recommendations, wellness topics and general musings on everyday life.

When I started the blog I was on the road to recovery after a cancer diagnosis and 13 months of treatment. I needed a project to help me focus and to help me structure my day.  As I had changed my diet after my diagnosis, the natural thing for me to write about was food and recipes and that's how The Honest Project started out. The blog now covers lots of other random topics from musings on everyday life to book reviews, from restaurant tips to even the odd style piece. 

Since I started The Honest Project in 2015, I have picked up one or two readers along the way and I am very grateful to you for sticking with me. I hope The Honest Project continues to brighten your day and your kitchen.

The Honest Project has also opened new career and work opportunities for me. Before my cancer diagnosis I worked as a banking solicitor in Dublin. After my treatment, I decided that this was not a career I wanted to or was able to return to. I needed a career that was flexible and one where I could set my own hours and work around my energy levels. While I was considering this, I was lucky enough to be approached my two readers of the blog asking me if I would like to do some freelance blog and social media work for their companies. Since then, I have built my client base and I am lucky to work with some amazing Irish brands helping them to develop their brand identities, create brand content and grow a genuine presence on social media.   

So now, The Honest Project serves two purposes: it's a place where I continue to write about all the things I love and enjoy. It's also a place where I promote my new business. Visitors to the blog can go to whatever interests them and feel free to skip over anything that doesn't.

Happy reading. 

Frances x

P.S. I live in Kilkenny, Ireland and if you follow me on Insta-stories, you will know that there are two other very important members of The Honest Project - Coco and Teddy and it's my long walks with them that keep me on track. 

Email: info@thehonestproject.com